Sunday, December 9, 2007

Welcome to Colorado!

Well this definetly is not California! This weekend we experienced our first real snow storm and we got almost a foot of snow! Jeff had to go out Saturday night and shovel the driveway. Then when we woke up Sunday morning we had to shovel it again. Later that morning we walked down the street to the ponding basin, with our little green snow disc, where we got to slide down the hills. It felt so wierd to just walk down the street and be able to play in the snow like we were at a snow park. I was speechless when some snowflakes fell on my glove and I could actually see the detail of each snowflake. The other thing about the snow here is how powder like it is. Luckily for me it's difficult to make snowballs because the snow won't compact. Unfotuantly it's really difficult to make a snowman with such soft snow.

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