Sunday, December 9, 2007

Thanksgiving Week

My parents came for a visit this past Thanksgiving which allowed for us do some sight seeing, since we were able to take time off work. On this day we toured the Denver area. First we toured Hammond's candy factory (It's nothing like Willy Wonka's factory) then went to the Denver Art Museum (pictured on the left) better known as the DAM. Lastly we walked down 16th street mall and stayed for a theater production which was quiet interesting to say the least. The production was called "The Death of Tiny Tim" which is a comedy/ reality check in a rundown part of town. This was Jeff's most memorable moment because we were unsure exactly what we were going to get once we drove up to the building. However, it was pretty decent. For me it was visiting the DAM and seeing the history that came before us and what some people call art. A wall was dedicated for people to post on sticky notes what ART is to them. So, what is ART to you?

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