Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Man of My Dreams

“The Man of My Dreams” is my newest scrapbook page. Ladies admit it… since we were young we were all ready creating our list of the perfect man that we would one day marry. Well, you are now going to have to alter your list because I got him!! I am so lucky to have Jeff as a husband who cares and respects me that I wanted to create a page that showed him all of the things I love about him.

New Home

WOW! Our new home is more than either of us could have imagined which makes us feel so blessed. Other than painting the walls and putting in shades for the windows the house is complete. Even the guest room is ready to be occupied by our next guest (hint…hint). There is one thing before it really feels like home…the backyard. Jeff prefers the weed look (low cost and maintenance); however, Tami has other plans for making the backyard more user friendly. We are looking forward to the memories that will be created in our new home here in Colorado!